Aboot This Project

We love Canada. We love design. Lucky for us, Generator has a home here in Canada (Windsor, Ontario, to be specific). When we heard about Canada turning 150, we put on our thinking tuques and brainstormed about how we could contribute to the celebration. So, our creative team set to work on the most Canadian project to ever be designed and developed at Generator: the Gener-EH!-tor.

Our goal? Compile 150 Canadianisms to show our appreciation of the people, places, and things we can be proud of (and a few that make us a little bit different).

We asked you to share what makes Canada great. From landmarks to inventions, from cuisine to pop culture, we received numerous contributions – and learned some truly amazing things about our country.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped to make this possible. We couldn’t have done it without you, eh!